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from Life As A Crossword Puzzle

Noah Falck

5. Across

My mustache is mechanical.
When I smile it knows of no happiness.

My mustache of fame. My mustache of fortune.

There is a tale that speaks of a mustache that waits to become something else,
perhaps a beard.

The 1970's were overgrown with mustaches.

As a boy I studied the exactness of Rollie Finger's mustache.
The pitcher with the knuckleball
and the mustache.

1977: the embarrassing legend of everyone's mustache.

She says my mustache exfoliates her back.
She is seduced within the tickle arena of mustache hair.

Melt your ice cream in the mustache of sunlight.

"Our mustaches are all we have."

The gym teacher wore a mustache. She was laughed at behind closed doors.
She knew this, but also knew the power of the mustache.

Noah Falck

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