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What People are Saying about The Bedside Guide to No
Tell Motel

Review of The Bedside Guide to No Tell Motel by Francois Luong at MiPOesias.

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"I have to say I loved this anthology. Not only did I get it, I was inspired by it,
by the language, imagery and themes. . . It was good enough for me to run out
and buy four more copies for my writing group, for the four people who mean a
lot to me, and who are the most discerning readers I know."
Wendi Kaufman, The Happy Booker

"The most sensual and –for me– erotic aspect of the book is just how delightful
the language is in many of these poems. . . warms my balls!"
Joseph Massey, author of Bramble (Hot Whiskey Press 2005) and Eureka
(effing press 2005)

“What a naughty-fun anthology!”
Peter Pereira, author of The Lost Twin (Grey Spider 2000), and Saying the
(Copper Canyon 2003).

“This book will please and tease from cover to cover, keep you up all night.”
Shann Palmer, author of 2nd Printing

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