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Book of Love (Part 1 of 5)

Kate Greenstreet

              "--then it turned into a flower, I don't understand.
              It was a diamond outside."

Leave openings

for entrance from the street.
"That's why they have conductors"

(those big tubes running underneath the floor).

In art, like sex, the unbidden
and the willingness.

(the melting point the boiling point the melting point)

They call to one another.
Maybe communicate with flashlights.

("Nobody else can make one like me. And now I'm gone.")


Eros is tired.
Was a god,
is a moon.

"Arlene came home
with fifteen hundred dollars worth of gloves, and that was just one episode."

Crossed out:
Events here on earth.
I woke up.
We got wings.
are     so     I
Could somebody turn that down?

Kate Greenstreet

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