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76. During the Long Rains in the Fifth Month

Anne Gorrick

There is something very mobile
about a place with a pond
Looking in concentration
at the sky opacified
Not only in winter
when she likes to lie awake
and note that water has more cold in it
Wild and covered in bad grasses
I find moonlight very constant

                          Between the rain, May is too long
                          The water’s dense iris
                          And all gardens being
                          the same green color seem that way
                          There is movement in the sky
                          Liking the fact that I’ve become aware
                          of the cold year
                          Attention to a certain thing in the water

As for the pond
everything which is not better is carefully shown
The bad grass where I was covered in wildness
The necessary night is thin
I, a portable type, find moonlight in every lake

The ponds which I like
are those in which everything is carefully represented
I prefer much that is wild
in false grasses
in the portable moonlight

                          A lagoon
                          between two screens
                          I move morning into salt
                          into her crowded iris

During the long rain
between right and wrong:
A lake of green water
Entire the day, and the sky opaque
The taste of I is not enough
The palace of cure is representative
I appreciate extremely
that wild gram
the irises piled up
The night cannot observe moonlight
even when moonlight enters extremely

                          Inside the fifth month
                          a period of long rain gives crab to silence
                          When time is incorrect with green scandal
                          The furniture, inside out, reverses
                          One green military discipline inside a child
                          The sky is opaque, it sees!
                          The poem widens between kicks
                          Swallow the angle of the year and it wakes
                          for the green branch scandal

Between the needle and the lake

Her pen diminishes the road
which is written inside winter
The night, your park, is frequent
Observe the moonlight inside water
Day, when it is possible, enters
in order to discover its own reversal

                          The long rains clamp onto silence
                          onto the false green scandal written in furniture
                          The sky is impermeable, broad
                          The green branch scandal written into winter
                          The screen accumulates the process

The fifth month gives crab to his silence
The green scandal, the reverse of the lake
The fact that movement is distant
this sky opaque, poetry between kick and normality
Swallow the angles of the year
where it is wild and interior, her iris

                          During May, the crab of silence is sometimes him
                          When inside the box, scandal is inaccurate
                          I, giving, and the green waters observe the furniture
                          Between the screens, you ask that green be sufficient
                          The lake a scandal of poetry
                          a flexible pried branch of a green thing
                          Kicking is normal for an angular year
                          The edge is understood excessively
                          The process of representation: zone and palace
                          Everything is appraised:
                          wildness and the iris ticket
                          Time removes the mountain elaborately

During May, we silence the crab with some time
when the scandal is not precise
The I gives differently
drapes the furniture with green and observation
The width of poetry may distinguish time
makes the discovery, the angle of revision
waters the green and nimble dyeing green branch scandal
tastes like the lake
To process portrayal and place
I arrive extremely
with a wild ticket iris

During May, an average long time
the quiet crab hour
when scandal is inexact
Observation briefly stops in the lake
You come to solicit undulation
green agile water
to dye green the ramifications of scandal
All being to consider, I arrive and have an end
to be wild, take your tickets
This mountain, possible matter
Day invests in the reversal of a clear moon

Anne Gorrick

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