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Blue Gotham

there was International Klein Blue

and the people who peed blue

after drinking those blue

cocktails and there was Franz Marc's blue

horses and Kandinsky's Der Blaue Reiter and the blue

dress Marina Abramovic wore yes the blue

dress not the red dress in the press photos and not the blue

dress she wore entering the other side all big top in proportion but the blue

one she wore sitting on one side of a table the artist is present in the blue

eyes of the naked performer as he played bed for a skeleton and the blue

lines in William Kentridge's charcoals the only color all this blue

and it reminded me of the blue

and white check dress Dorothy wore to Oz and the blue

dress and white apron Alice wore to Wonderland and the royal blue

mantel Mary of the sea wore Hail Our Powerless Goddess Inheritor such blue

thoughts and this is just one day's blue

catalog because with color blue becomes so kitschy and my blue

eyes roam MoMA where the walls are not blue

but white and yet so white they turn blue

Matthew Hittinger

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