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Noraebang Means Singing Room

Ruth Williams

The radio feature is turned on. The room
has a cast out corner vibe. Echo like the back hand
of a soul singer rising to meet the population.
A blue icee waving at the corner market in Chicago. I might
be conflating things. It is possible there is a typhoon
heading this way. Rain in the wicks of our skin,
the oil we press onto cosmetic paper, also a kind of skin.
There is a school subject, Koreans say, called "society."
It means all these children must already know how to live. But
when we ask, "What is a hamburger?" everyone says, "Pork!" So this
is how the wishy-washy feel of it fells us. To my knees, singing
like when I remembered how to drive to the market
in a city I no longer lived in. Chicago. Hands on the wheel,
all blues seem the same. Pork or beef?

Ruth Williams

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