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Going Against Habit and Wisdom, Wonder Woman Lives
Momentarily in Memory, Back with Norrin on the Moon

Wendy Babiak

It's not as if I'd never succumbed to pleasure.

I've taken the best of men and left them spent.

The bliss we shared, it swelled beyond all measure.

My body sated, I find my mind's been bent.

His skin felt cold; that did not last for long.

He stole no heat from me. – No... Rather

his own heat rose to meet mine where it thronged.

And though the Power Cosmic confines his member

that clumsy bit of flesh that most men use

his passion lacked no means for its expression.

He lit my spinal chord up like a fuse.

He played my nervous system: a musician.

And I played his. Together we crescendoed

'til each could sense the other's mind explode.

Wendy Babiak

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