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How It Came to Be Revealed that Wonder Woman
Carried a Flame for Norrin Radd, a.k.a. The Silver Surfer

Wendy Babiak

August, the monstrous city quiet, emptied

by heat waves and summer's beach-ward rush.

We played a drinking game; Flash brought weed.

Losing, lassoed, I confessed the crush

I'd harbored for the Silver Surfer since

he turned and helped defeat Galactus. Sleek

sexy, self-possessed, deep, a prince

I could bare my soul to, who'd not seek

to tear me down to build a weak self up.

And Oh! the load of suffering he'd endured

the guilt he'd need relief from, a full cup

I'd gladly help him drain. I practically purred.

Next day Flash told all. Soon Norrin phoned

and chastised me for getting drunk and stoned.

Wendy Babiak

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