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Wonder Woman Goes Grocery Shopping as Diana Prince
and Discovers that Evil Doesn't Always Carry a Gun or
Wear a Goofy Costume

Wendy Babiak

Clark had shopped the week before, and Bruce

got as little peace as Mr. Wayne

as in the mask and cape. We needed juice

eggs and milk, the stuff to make chow mein

which Brainiac hankered for, and luncheon meats

and bread (we cooked with whole foods when we could

and found kitchen work a sound retreat

from the world we felt misunderstood

us and our endeavor) and snacks for Flash

whose wild metabolism exacted tribute

that would have made the greedy Romans blush.

So I stood reading type minute

enough to be illegible and saw a list of chemicals

on a can of juice, labeled, largely, “All Natural.”

Wendy Babiak

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