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In Tearooms, In the Metro

Anne Gorrick

for Maureen Thorson

                                    Nuns    rotor   urns:


                                                Horsemen enmeshed with theorems
                                                theme enthroned, a heron’s “no”
                                                Nether sheen, moron rot
                                                rumor, motor, ostrum, mourn

                 A snot storm!

A noon rum moon outshone
sheered ether in three rooms

                        Is an astronomer the numerator or the denominator?

            Urethane ornament
            the remnants of treasures
            in tearooms, in the metro

                                                He is smarter than his trousers
                                                a sternum erasure in maroon
                                                serrated and unmeant

The reason in Sauterne
Anemones hearten, enamour neutrons
Manhunt and smothered in manners

                        Her roseate anthems, an earthen harem unmanned

                                             Thorns in arrest rerun meteors
                                             The notes taken in her mane:
                                             steamed, atomized

The thrum that looks like444 math
it’s mute omens snared
The star, the onus, the sea, the tame “amen”

Anne Gorrick

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