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Lady Catfish

Anne Gorrick

for Lorna Smedman

Madman are sandman

                        Morels flock onto her mansard roof

When the word “melon” inserts itself into “lemon”

A mason acted as a almoner, her molars and morals

                                              Remand salmon. Damn manners!

                        Of salad
                        and men
                        the madam hung
                        from an elm

The end always sends an alarm

                                              Anal nerd, red in his saran
                                              lamed with a medal, slammed dermal
                                              Damsel-laden slander, snarled marl

The merman in his sedan

                                   Ransom Rome for almonds

Her manor snared in omens, senna, damson

                                   When the oral is solar
                                   lore against arson

Solemn nomads sonar her realm, randomly adorned

                        Radon darns sand in the alm salon

Anne Gorrick

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