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Craze, Novel, Pink

Anne Gorrick

for Inverna Lockpez

                                    A carp in the kelvin zone

                        peen, viper, prize
                        canker, novel, zip
                        vocal pinker, zen

                                                            Leaven, prevail, zinc proven
                                                            a vernal reckoning
                                                            paved in corn

            The novenas overlap
            like nerves or kelp in an icerink

Never polka, that pelvic prank

an ark envelops her zinc never
elk and calve and kale
Cave and zen
ilk and porn

                                    What the vicar lacks in ink he makes up for in neon

                        Caulked in pink, in love, in vein
                        The czar pins his prick to her ankle

She’s got a raven hanging around her neck, viral in its pain

                                                Plank and lark, an opal in love with a pen

            When novas lick voles
            and corks neck with the bottles
            and we cook on an anvil with
            the leeks and cloves that run in her veins

Anne Gorrick

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