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Time Warp Girl

Maureen Thorson

Fourteenth birthday, y'all! Mom
In the Cutlass Cierra cruises round
town picking up Michelle the Good
Girl, Faith Mercado, and Snaggle-
Toothed Andrea. Welcome to the
Fifties, girls, as seen on Nick at Nite.
Have a homemade cookie. The cake
Is homemade, too. We'll all go bowling:
Everybody gets a root beer float. Oh
Yes, my mom is home my dad goes
To work and everyone's still married.
Nobody lives with us but us. I might
As well be singing doo wop I might
As well be setting my beehive I might
As well be trying on a girdle is what
Their eyes say, their mouths too busy
Sucking down their root beers. They never
Would have believed it if they hadn't
Seen it for themselves.

Maureen Thorson

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