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"We married in one hundred tiny hooves"

Shane McCrae

We married in one hundred tiny hooves

Which means no     animals were missing legs

But some were missing legs we married in

The math so probably twenty-six may-

be twenty-seven animals some moved

More slowly but not in a natural way

Than others some     were sleeping some were beg-

ging some were paralyzed     some of the an-

imals had been     back from the war a long

Time and were ready to forget the war

Some of the animals had fought a short-

er war off      to the side or in the wrong

Country and wanted to remember sort-

ing them out took     another war     we mar-

ried in the second war in the second war

Birds fought     birds fought each other for the an-

imals and didn't leave     marks where they fell

We married in one hundred tiny hooves

Except the dirt was blurry here and there

Where the birds fell the animals removed

The hollow bodies of the birds as soon

As almost before they fell     the animals

Dragged them so     quickly off the ground was smeared

The war belonged     to the animals the birds

Could fight could die and     thanks     but leave no trace

We married in the shadow of a hawk

Killing a hawk     sometimes the shadow looked

Like one giant bird sometimes     it looked like us

Shane McCrae

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