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In No Place

Shane McCrae

And we divorced in any anyhow / But sudden anyhow

but hurry we     / Divorced in sudden     hurry the affair / Become the main thing don't

want to be mar- / ried still become the main thing anyhow

Already sit and don't go out

in an- / y sudden every sudden thing     and we

In any hurry turn to salt and break      / The farther I

run far from you     the less / I feel my own body

and turn to salt     / and break     and hurry have

to get now back / Home to Chicago every sudden thing / Marries

already there's no money left

And we divorced in anyhow the eyes

Except the eyes eyes     turn to lime-

stone in their sockets and the eyes

go also numb / And any hurry hurries home     and once

I had a lover and a lover and a fine

Lover I had a lover and she was mine

As lost as sudden suddenly

The woods behind my house are trees

In no place

every time I touch you I feel less

Of my own body fingertips and wrists     / Elbows and shoulders strange

to feel the numb- / ness as a tingling as an extra burst

Of life to signal something dying

hur- / ry the affair become     the main thing hur-

ry any anyhow become your home

Is anyhow your home and have you ever

had another / And wander through the woods     and make the forts / Made

of stripped trees     my forts / As sure as my

body is mine as sure

The trees would either way

bend but to strip them first

Is mine if I am in it is / And have I have I ever ever have

Is anyhow my home and have I ever / And have I ever every sudden thing

In every sudden thing I look for you

And that is how I look for you

Bend but to strip them

ladders hanging from the trees

But first we had to choose the tree     and clear the hives / From the tree

but first we had to climb

Shana McCrae

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