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*kaleidoscope for self-control*

Paul Siegell

on—to go on to it—if it is—to do so—so so—as if it is to be—

it is as if it is up to us—oh, us—to be in—if it is in us to do so—

as we go on to—as it is an ax—if it is in my id—or is it on to us?—

to be on—my id is in—lo, it is on us to—as if we go—up we go—

or, no—no is an ax—it is as it is—to be of—to be by—to be it—

to be so—we—ah, ha!—oh, it is so on—as my id is so in on it—

go—in us is to go on if we—do it—

Paul Siegell

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