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The Greenest Body

Rebecca Loudon

September full of crave
my alarming
glowy health like a genuine piece of the
                                                                   TRUE CROSS

I ate a nutria sandwich
entered the obvious portals                            pear tree
                                                                   Glenn Gould's chair

watched a boy upside down in the bottom window of a school bus
talked about the dead woman
the movie star as if she never lived
I wanted to be her                                          I want want wanted




everyone knew where I was headed all signs clear
reverberated with inflection gray bodies gliding the bridge
closed to traffic                  noise            boats lit at night like factories

I failed the test I chose the wrong word
dogs in the bulkhead door turned their heads away
named                                                   Lux
named                                                   Aurora

I was their horizontal stabilizer
my body merely complex
equations of wave form
floated the pool in my red swimsuit
Hey Mary Mary count your fingers
you might be Harold Lloyd you might
explode accidentally


shoot your cuffs
shoot the moon
shoot a pullet                                         shoot me


fight your dogs big bets big money
shoot them when they lose
is this a crime
do it again in slow motion
now you're famous
shiver put your hands in your pants
sing Zip-a-dee-doo-dah


I swam in a warm hospital sheet
have you been                           have you
in another country

when                                         I couldn't be sure

have you traveled to a foreign country
I was happy                   I couldn't help it
love pushed my entire body lengthwise
through a mathematician's sieve
except for my steel-hitched ribcage
the damage was colossal

Rebecca Loudon

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