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I'm Nothing and Can Therefore Never Be Locked Up or
Even Captured Really

Lynn Behrendt

I'm nothing and can therefore never be locked up or even captured really
since I'm the absence that lies in the center of a lake
and you are a boat in bloody water

I'm the clouds I just coagulated did you see that
you must be some earlier life since I'm the retrograde hail that starts to fall
you're mathematical, migration, a boyscout carrying a canteen

I'm a bridge with a flag on it you're the sound rising from a radio station
you're the trill of a river I'm an obstruction in the rock salt road
you're a crucified rune or rock carving

after the third or fourth sedative I'm something small or spin dried
and you're a bull in a labyrinth
I'm a labyrinth

I'm a cretin with icing smeared all over my face you're like some
pre-Colombian hieroglyph, your cogent arpeggio intellect still intact
I'm marcasite quicklime saffron timothy

Lynn Behrendt

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