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from, The Adventures of Beauty Girl (4)

Robyn Art

Priority: low (mood lighting)
Priority: medium (any constellated sky)
Priority: low (gluten and Tran hydrogenation free)
Priority: high (certainty, rust)
Priority: low (recovery of filched whatnot)
Priority: low (multitasking)
Priority: medium (phases of the moon, any wild and wily orbit)
Priority: high: (Ho-Ho’s and Supernanny)
Priority: high (any constellated sky, any combination of a thrum, a shiver, agog)


…methadone, star, Aging-Alt-Rock-Shoe-Gazer, moppet, Colony Collapse Disorder,
rain, death rattle, blogoshphere, lavage, blood-letting, Lotto, myopia, palmistry,
wunderkind, MDMA, photosynthesis, abacus, nougat …

Robyn Art

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