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Chihuahua Smiles

Charlton Metcalf

sleeveless tropicalia,
sinuous coconut bronze,
buxom sexicana
lotta gems
bassy-ass shaka swing, caricature boom booms

cravo bossa nova,
DJ loungy beats,
over sweet chatty insults
lonely heart niche vernacular
valentine instincts of whatevers and commitment

under the spring breezed, red paper lanterns,
out on the deck,
houseboat rockin' chiller fiesta
slow sippin' kamikazes and margaritas
mingling like a hummingbird,
compelled and spontaneous
small talk confetied about,
Vespas, aeroport bags and that one Tricky cd

slinkiest smug, polite tipsy cool
presence, prove nothing prankster,
for the few moments of new arrivals

thinking bitten lip amorio
perfuming, dead reckoning,
baby piranha

leaning on the rail,
yawns disguised as hiccups,
anthropologically frowned

twirling and dangling,
a you'll always take me back ivory pump,
with skinny-dip toes

speculating down,
at the rippled habanera moonlit water

waiting beach tear easy, for no tengo dinero
coming up from behind,


Montreal gigolos,
and after the fact jazz hooligans with giant fingers,
and damned Chihuahua smiles

last chance,
sound alike lovers
never getting tired of themselves
cha cha cha

Charlton Metcalf

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