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Peach Cobbler

Charlton Metcalf

coldest night of the year
abstract angst, feminine amid

standing near the window radiator
winter scarf for a top,
fringe tickles thighs
thumb down in the panty tops,
peach cobbler sticky

thought drift raga,
Dear Santa traveler
lazy lazy moody immature

slow sippin' a last Pabst blue ribbon
two dimensional meows,
velvet peel Venus glow

full head dumbstruck,
opinionated curious
not stupid, just subletting simplicity for fun

attempts at sentiment, bloom and pop into forgotten

fondness Gods, bodacious boo hiss,
prescription valium grinnin'
content possession grandeur,
counter clockwise present

attracted to the willing

had a blast in the future

Charlton Metcalf

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