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No New York

Charlton Metcalf

teardrop turbulence,
instance sustain
flashback manipulated noir,
finger-painted interstellar
social light baggage claim

cocktail olive nippled,
positioning charisma
apathy apparent zoomer hypnotic

idoless innocence
ballistics of reminds
stolen expanding senses
off-white orthodoxy's
no New York, no New York
days later,
orgasms in the shower

surfer calm pessimistic mischief
scented auto-destruct,
Self-conscience with a chili on top
showmanship isolation

contemporary shadows compliments
style drift,
descending prettily
speakeasy boomdip monologues,
very circus longscar
serious jamming ecstasies,
streamlined into clapping,
with sudden younger hands

fleeting nuances of a dyed focus
discretion's dragging inversions of durings
noisotica underneath the decibels of delay,
waiting for the lubricant of subtleties
as evil concentrates behavior,
into hot pink tigers and jet-black spiders

claustrophobia of the dead
growlers and rituals,
coincide unconvinced

Charlton Metcalf

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