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Jack’s Physical

Scott Glassman

The germ formed. Why would it be different? Its smallness, its breath. A changed
mind (ours). Made up of confluences. Minnows under blacklight, algae or phosphor.
Dew in front of each. One pond, its gills opening. Stairs like paramecium split apart,
each half flaring inward. If a lily were too close (to close), it would retreat into its
own nucleus and the birds there would be made of anise or rainbows against
smudged Windex altars (breath like water)

jagged facet       conditional prism       indivisible instant

Close your eyes to the stalk. He will climb you, slip, receive the signal from faintly
exaggerated clouds.

Oh the ointment . . . flush and fertile camouflage!

Jack, you were never as tall as I remember, but wider around the eyes than you
were around the hips.

Scott Glassman

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