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No Matter What Box You're Offered, You Will X-out the
Following, and Your Eye Will Appear to be Blackened:

Danielle Pafunda

Vagrant sack of fats; grim juicy; sour metal rodent;
spank of loamiest factor. The chamber pot composes
a bill of sale.

The fuckwad, I heard him a'singing his organs to heaven.
One by one, little children. They were not a bastard,
but otherwise. They were of Frankenstein foot and golem
toothed. They claw-stomped the fuck wad's shag, and he
was so glad of 'em, he never saw it coming.

What? My c-u-t? My cutty pie? It did release a feather,
and in it DNA.

Danielle Pafunda

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